T.A.N.T. Newsletter #5

Autumn is always a time of change, and this year we’re surrounded by it particularly in Government and Prime Ministers!

TANT has some changes to announce also, as Joanna Leighton has stepped down from her role as Chair, and Mark Morris from Treasurer. They have both given us many years of incredible service, skill and time with total commitment. We owe them heartfelt thanks for their generous voluntary work. The new Chair is myself, Peter Bate, and our new Treasurer is retired accountant Peter Murphy.

We have campaigned for National Trust rent reviews to be reasonable in the current economic climate, and reports to hand show that overall, this seems to be happening. If you have any concerns regarding your rent review, please look at our updated advice on our website here.

Many farmers are concerned with the far-reaching changes in their financial support. The Tenants Farmers Association and the NFU are leading the way for them with TANT’s support where necessary.

TANT has been calling for improvements to the NT complaints process, and we hope that there will be a positive announcement shortly.

Leasehold reform legislation currently in the Parliamentary process, should offer greater protection to tenants, and the benefit of 990-year terms for long leaseholders. However, the current political turbulence means we must monitor progress and campaign where necessary so that the reforms progress. Do please write to your MP to encourage the reforms to happen.

We receive a steady flow of requests for assistance and have introduced a new form on our website so that we can better track the progress of cases. All TANT officers are volunteers, most tenants themselves, and our service is confidential and free, so do go to our website if you have an issue or concern.

Finally, it would be helpful to have more folk join the TANT Committee, particularly from the North of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. All expenses are reimbursed, and it is rewarding to help others. We are a community of some 10,000 tenants of the National Trust and increasing our reach would mean we can help many more people like you.

All keep well.

Peter Bate, Chair.

Thanks to Anastacia Holly Frampton for the photo of a fox and Phil Bradby for the pumpkins.