TANT AGM 2018 – Sunday 13th May 2018

10.30am – 3.00pm

West Wycombe Village Hall, High Street, West Wycombe, HP14 3AB.

A warm welcome to everyone who lives or works under a National Trust roof.

  • Free Entrance – Free Parking – Free Nibbles & Drinks
  • Updates on TANT’s work over the last year and plans for 2018/19
  • Speaker Mike Dennys – Long Leases and Modern Ground Rents
  • Questions from the floor
  • Private Surgery available if required

Chair’s Chat – Spring 2018

The Trust’s famous Easter Egg Hunt provided a special prize this year. Hundreds of its long leaseholders will find that the intense worry of financial ruin by the hated Modern Ground Rent has gone. An Easter miracle has changed a Damaclesian sword back into the nest egg they had rightly thought it to be. A big cheer for TANT’s allies and members who have put five years of hard work, and highly professional guidance into intense high level negotiation.

The National Trust has sensibly reversed the unintended consequence of an ill drafted Act of Parliament. May others take note.
The Trust has recommended TANT as an Appointing Body. In an election by the Trust’s members, that helps to send one of us, again to the Trust’s Council for six years. After recent governance reform greatly reduced council member’s numbers, we value that even more. As before, if elected we will positively make our presence felt. Thank you, members and the Trust.

You’re going to notice a great new website soon, Mark (Secretary) and Joanna (Co-Chair) are working their socks off on that and upgrading our communications and computer systems. We are modernising and reaching out to other kindred organisations.

We all do our bit and amid busy lives somehow swing in when necessary. TANT is moving mountains but we need more Sherpa’s to crack the north faces. Please; National Trust Tenants, that’s anyone under a Trust roof, ask us how you can volunteer to help. Every one of our small executive group experiences the joy of making a real input to help shape the future of tenants and The National Trust.

Thank you,

Andrew & Jo