Holnicote Tenants Association strongly object to the closure of Porlock Fire Station

The Holnicote Tenants Association object very strongly to the suggested closure of Porlock Fire Station.

The Fire Service stated evidence confirms that elderly people are more likely to die in household fires. This area already has a very high percentage of older residents and that figure is likely to keep increasing. A recent fire at one of the National Trust cottages in Bossington was contained quickly because of the prompt arrival of our fire brigade.

They do so much more – road traffic accidents, flooding problems, emergency medical response and attend to moorland fires which are likely to increase with global warming.

This suggested closure would be another damaging blow to our Rural Community. We already have ambulances travelling to and from Taunton with the constant risk of lives being lost because of the delay and increasing traffic pollution.

I was pleased to see our local MP obtain a commitment from Boris Johnson to keep our vital Fire Station open. The local people call on those carrying out this review to listen and ensure they do not fail to protect us.

Graham Haw

Chairman. The Holnicote Estate Tenants Association.