Trained as an accountant with Spicer Pegler in Manchester.

Went into industry with a textile engineering company in Stockport and then joined the subsidiary of an American top 15 corporate working in accounts and export sales.

Moved to Northwich as veterinary practice manager for the Willows Veterinary group and learned all about large and small animals and dealt with many varied matters with the local farmers.

Designed a computer system for veterinary surgeons and founded a company to sell this system to vets throughout the UK.

Finally retired (early), played golf and became bored! So at my partner Karen’s persuasion we started a B&B in a National Trust property in Dunster, which is how we heard about TANT. I attended the recent AGM and decided it was a good organisation for tenants, so volunteered to joined the committee in the hope my business experience would be a help to the organisation.

After my first zoom meeting I was appointed treasurer.

Once an accountant always an accountant.