Our Aims

National Trust Tenants contribute a substantial part of the National Trust income and are custodians of the many thousands of homes belonging to the nation.

In exchange, the National Trust should set a minimum statutory requirement for all their homes to meet the Decent Home Standards.

One of TANT's founding objectives was to seek a change in the law which prevented tenants sitting on the Council or Governing Body of the National Trust.We are pleased to confirm the law has been changed accordingly by Parliamentary Statute and we encourage tenants to participate.Please contact us if you require advice on the processes involved.

In proportion with that contribution this could be as many as three places on the new governing body. It is also critical that their should be such representation because National Trust estates are mostly rural and governing bodies often do not understand the countryside issues, the present government being no exception.

Our aims for the Tenants Association of the National Trust are as follows:

1. To work towards the National Trust implementing Decent Home Standards and other current legislation for Landlord Tenants.

2. Another of TANT's founding objectives was to be recognised by the Trust as the official body representing National Trust tenants.We are pleased to confirm this has been achieved in recent years and formally recognised again by the Trust through their Director General Fiona Reynolds in her forward to the recently issued Tenants Handbook

3. To promote and protect the interest of Tenants relating to their village, homes, community, environment and way of life that are considered to be a unique heritage.

4. To ensure a fair deal for National Trust Tenants and that their needs are not subverted by outside pressures.

5. To consult with, and advise the National Trust and local authorities on member’s specific individual or collective problems and when future plans or changes are being considered.

6. To have tenant representation on the National Trust council and Governing body.

7. To enable tenants to enjoy free access with their families to all National Trust properties.

8. To highlight areas in newsletters to the tenants and also have editorial space in National Trust’s magazine on a regular basis.