TANT Achievements since it was formed earlier this century

  1. Has become the formal body representing NT tenants ,acknowledged by and working with the Trust locally and nationally.
  2. Worked with Lord Blakenham’s review of the Trust until which point the NT did not know how many houses/cottages it owned or their condition.
  3. Contributed to the 2005 NT National Housing Policy.
  4. Initiated and worked with the Trust on the introduction and subsequent issue of the Tenants Handbook.
  5. Represented tenants at NT AGM’s securing many £millions for property improvements and maintenance.
  6. Secured a change in the law  to enable tenants to sit on the Council of the National Trust .
  7. Recognition by the Trust of tenants as Tenant Custodians in view of the special nature of their homes and environment.
  8. Non-voting automatic NT membership with the benefit of free visiting to all NT sites,free parking and the NT magazines.
  9. Persuaded the NT that they needed to work towards the equivalent of the Government’s Decent Homes Standard for the condition of their housing stock.
  10. The provision of out of hours emergency numbers backed up by TANTs own scheme.
  11. A substantive and informative web site.
  12. Helped local tenant associations be created across the country .
  13. Issues regular newsletters keeping tenants informed of current developments.
  14. Helped many hundreds of  individual tenants with problems about their homes and leases.
  15. Worked with the Trust in dispute resolution in more difficult cases.
  16. Responded to media interest when required in a balanced way.
  17. At all times, worked  with and for the benefit the Trust, albeit often setting out from different directions.