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National Trust Duped Us

Charity defends its policy after becoming embroiled in row over tenants’ cash deposits

The National Trust has been accused of manipulating a family of “exemplary” tenants so it could evict them following an administrative muddle that left the charity potentially liable to pay compensation. Tam Hockey says she was “duped” after a coordinated campaign by trust employees to accept a refund of her security deposit. Hockey was told that giving back the deposit would help build “mutual trust and understanding”.

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Is the National Trust at War with its Tenants?

Trouble is brewing at one of Britain’s best loved institutions. Papers released last week show that the stage is set for a showdown between the Board of the 4 million-strong National Trustand the only organization exclusively representing the Trust’s tenants, at the former’s AGM next month.

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Priced-out tenants accuse National Trust of creating 'ghost villages'

Critics say charity is pushing out local people by increasing rents and then converting properties into lucrative holiday lets - to read more of this article please follow this link.

The challenge is to provide for everyone - the National Trust under fire

Sentiment is the Trust’s greatest friend; without it, after all, it would be likely to have no members. But it is also, in some circumstances, a powerful enemy. As the idea of what constitutes heritage becomes ever wider – the pebble-dashed Liverpool semi that was John Lennon’s childhood home is only the start of it – and the preservation of our landscapes grows ever more complex, the Trust is, I fear, going to find itself fighting the romantics on more than one front.

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National Trust refuses to back down over Lake District farming row

Dame Helen Ghosh, the director general of the National Trust, has refused to back down in a row over a Lake District farm, saying it is “not our problem” if second home owners move in.

Dame Helen said the charity would make the same decision again, despite having a “quieter life” if it bowed to criticism from outraged farmers who fear threat to their way of life.

The National Trust has been embroiled in a furious dispute over Thorneythwaite Farm in Borrowdale, which was put on the market earlier this year in two parts: land, containing a flock of rare breed Herdwick sheep, and farm buildings.

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