If are struggling and feel like you need a helping hand, please do not suffer in silence. There is a link below to find out whether you are entitled to any additional help and benefits. In the UK alone, over 8 Billion a year goes unclaimed in benefits and tax credits.

The process is a simple online form to find out if you are eligible and is completely annonymous to use.

Entitled to Benefits? - Check by Clicking Here

Contact Details

Other contact details that are particularly useful for help and asisstance are as follows:


For those of you who may have got to the point were maybe eviction is imminent and you owe money, please contact Payplan on 0800 716 239. They are handling cases all the time and know what can be done and will negotiate for you with your debtors.


Are any of you members of a group – such as a union? I know that UNISON for example has both a National Welfare section, regional & branch Welfare officers. So if you are a UNISON member visit their website or ring 02075 511 620.


Check if you are a member of a union, church, synagogue, mosque, temple, mason, round table etc or any other collective group as many of them run welfare/help sections or you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for further information and assistance www.citizensadvice.org.uk