Voluntary Extensions

Following a number of meetings with the Trust to seek clarity on the matter we have put together advice for those considering applying for a voluntary extension. The full report can be found here: TANT-guide-to-Voluntary-Extensions.pdf

Please bear in mind:

  • Any extensions are granted at the discretion of the Trust and are not guaranteed to be available in all cases.
  • The assumed “freehold” value is critical, and leaseholders should seek independent valuation advice before agreeing to the final premium cost.
  • Leaseholders are advised to have any new leases vetted by a solicitor experienced in residential lease matters.

It would be extremely helpful for TANT to be aware of leaseholders’ experience in applying for and obtaining a voluntary extension. In particular we would be interested in developing a list of professional advisors who have provided high quality services to leaseholders. If you are happy to share your experience please contact me at [email protected]. All information will of course be treated in the strictest confidence.