Hi my name is Mike Dennys and my roll with in TANT is specifically to support National Trust Long lease tenants having formerly been a long lease tenant myself for some 30yrs on the Killerton Estate in Devon.

My roll within TANT is specifically to support National Trust Long lease tenants having formerly been a long lease tenant myself for some 30yrs on the Killerton Estate in Devon. It was during the process of the sale of my second lease that I discovered the hidden Modern Ground Rent Review clause in my lease. I very rapidly realised that I could not and would not pass on such a devastating clause to another unsuspecting buyer so I took my lease off the market and embarked on the long process of challenging the National Trust over the morality of such a financially devastating ground rent review. It was during this process that I found my way to TANT and was ably supported in my mission to challenge the Trust. With the knowledge that I had gained as a result of this TANT asked me to make a presentation on the MGR issue at one of its AGM’s. Shortly after this presentation and during the election of committee members I suddenly found myself being elected on to the national committee to represent long lease tenants.  I feel that TANT has ably supported all National Trust long lease tenants over the MGR issue and was largely responsible in convincing the Trust to with draw from its intentions of applying the MGR. This was a great victory for TANT and for those long lease tenants who so ably supported TANT’s campaign, but above all this was a victory for common sense as the reputational damage incurred to the National Trust if it had continued with MGR application would have been significant.

TANT has further challenges to face with regards to current long lease legislation as National Trust tenants are still left vulnerable to a lack of statutory rights to lease extensions once the 50yr statutory extension has been taken up.  As a result of the scandal concerning ground rent increases in long lease new builds the government has instructed The Law Commission to look into reforming the law to provide a fairer deal for all long lease tenants. Through persistent lobbying TANT has managed to raise the profile for National Trust long lease tenants with the result that The Law Commission has just recently dedicated an entire section to National Trust long lease tenants in its latest report. This report also includes for several suggested proposals as to how the law should be reformed specifically for NT long lease tenants. This is an on line review which allows for all tenants to respond with their own views as to the Commission’s suggested proposals.  I urge all NT long lease tenants to respond to this.

Beyond this I will still put time into supporting ALL National Trust tenants as best as I can as my personal experience of having to challenge the NT over long lease issues has profoundly influenced my views on housing, and how this terrible national housing shortage can be over come. In a small way the National Trust could be seen as making a positive contribution towards this by working with the TANT to become an exemplary landlord so leading the way for others to follow. If the NT is able to achieve such a status by working with TANT then we would all be winners.

I am above all a supporter of the National Trust ethos which is unique to the world.