My first encounter with the National Trust was at the age of 15 when I worked for the Ministry of Works as an apprentice sculptor in the Houses of Parliment.

The National Trust commissioned our division to carry out  repair and replacement works on buildings such as Ham House, Knole House and others. Visiting these wonderful sites for a 15 year old London teenager was an eye opening experience and the start of an incredible journey for me as, like many other city teenagers at the time, I hadn’t known that these wonderful places even existed. I beleive that it remains important for young people living in inner cities to get the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of our historic buildings and stunning countryside.

Unfortunately a few years later I fell ill with meningitis which put a stop to my career for many years, however my love for the countryside and for historic buildings stayed with me and helped me become a successful designer and property developer in the in 80’s and many of the works I carried out still stand today and have become part of history.

I become a National Trust tenant in May 2011 and was over the moon that once again I could be a part of history, living in a 300 year old cottage and just stones throw away from where it all began with Octavia Hill. I joined TANT in April 2014 as a committee member at the TANT AGM held at Slindon village hall as they felt my experience over the years of building works, commuincations and limited legal knowledge would be a help to TANT and its members. I now hold the posstion of  Treasurer/Data Coordinator/Website assistant designer.

We need as much help as we can get so please contact the helpline to join us on the TANT committe or start up your own local tenants association, we can help you set up and support you, we are a fun lot and we look forward to meeting you.