I was born in Lacock in 1934 and retired from the Service in 2000.

I am an 84 year old registered protected tenant living in my native village. Like a number of others our village was donated to the nation in the name of The National Trust in 1944 to avoid the payment of death duties by our last private estate owner. The National Trust thus became our landlord while being the most welcome guest of lifelong native residents.

With my TANT colleagues I continue to support The National Trust since becoming the very first local volunteer in 1945. My local National Trust tenants association was formed following the inception of the 1977 incorrectly called “Fair Rents Act” which resulted in unaffordable rent increases of up to 20% . Such penal rent increases were distressing to tenants and led to the formation of Lacock Tenants Association with myself as Chairman. It appears that the birth of our local tenants association coincided with the startup of a number of other associations where tenants were similarly afflicted.

Ultimately this led to the federation of these associations into TANT, in which I have variously served as Help Line Advisor, Chairman, and Vice-chairman. My professional life security service identifiers are R542808, also 150382, which will be significant to any colleagues who read this biography