T.A.N.T. Newsletter #9

TANT Newsletter – Spring 2024

Spring is always welcome and even more this year after what felt like months of rain. Many tenants have reported mould problems, accentuated by the constant damp conditions in our old homes which are difficult and expensive to heat. TANT constantly campaigns for the NT to invest more money and specialist knowledge in this area.

Help getting repairs done

TANT helps with a steady flow of Requests for Assistance to our website. We thought you might be interested in a case study on how we respond:.

Early February 2024, a tenant completes a Request for Assistance form on our website which gave us details of damp problems, outstanding repairs and concern over a rent review for their home. The tenant provided photographs to help us see the problems and an authority for TANT to help and contact the NT.

TANT contacted the NT Rural Surveyor for the area setting out the problems with proposed solutions. The NT Rural Surveyor referred to their Building Manager and by mid-March, confirmed to TANT and the tenant that the necessary repairs and improvements were authorised.

The rent review was also agreed with the tenant with an affordable increase being stepped over 2 years. TANT was pleased to receive a nice thank you note from the tenant.

TANT is operated entirely by volunteers who will try to help, whatever the problem. If there is something that needs attention to your home, please start by reporting it promptly on the NT Tenant Repair line by either:

This ensures that the NT knows about it and helps us follow up if you need assistance.

Government reforms

TANT continues to work with the NT and Government on the Leasehold Reform Bill which is now well advanced in the Parliamentary process.

We also support the Renters Reform Bill which is also before Parliament. It has been hailed by the Government to be a major reform which will give significant improvements in tenants’ rights. There is currently a lot of controversy about the proposed changes to s21 notices (which give the landlord the right the evict the tenant). We would encourage all tenants to write to their local MP supporting the need for improved tenants’ rights.

TANT is an active member of the Renters Reform Coalition which is campaigning for law reform. Please see its website and social media to find out more and follow our Facebook page where we post regular updates.

The current Housing Minister, Michael Gove, has given his assurance that the Renters Reform Bill will become law before the general election.


Are you getting what you are entitled to?

Many of you may not be receiving the benefits you are entitled to, particularly those of you over pension age.

If you are not sure or are nervous of the forms, please contact TANT via our website and Linda will be in touch to help.

Future developments

Our President, Andrew Turner-Cross will shortly bring news of developments after standing down from the National Trust Governing Council.

We hope you have a wonderful spring.

Peter Bate, Chair

A big thank you for the spring photos submitted by:

  • Sue Needham – Blea Tarn Farmhouse & Langdale Pikes, Cumbria
  • Anastasia Frampton – Chislehurst, Greater London
  • Ros Farrell – Horton Court, Gloucestershire
  • Phil Bradby – Willards Farm, Sussex