NEW Update for all National Trust Long Leaseholders

In March 2019 we were able to share with you the progress we had made with The National Trust regarding the granting of significantly longer lease extensions.

Following a meeting between TANT, the Law Commission and The National Trust we issued a joint letter to c550 long lease tenants on 10th September 2019. This letter included an explanation of the National Trust’s response to the Law Commission consultation and our joint proposal that most of the National Trust long leaseholders should have the same statutory right to a lease extension as any other long leaseholder and that the National Trust would be willing to see these leases extended to 999yrs. This is subject to the National Trust having the opportunity (if it so wishes) to buy back the leases at market value whenever the leaseholder wants to move on from their property.

Is is vitally important that you read carefully your copy of the letter issued to you on 10th September.

If you have not received your copy of this letter, or if you have any queries about its’ content please contact :-

TANT at [email protected]


[email protected]

Please also take the time to support this proposal so that the Law Commission can be made aware of the level of support within National Trust Long Leaseholders. You can do this via the e mail addresses shown above.