Let Estate Programme

One of our priority objectives from the outset has been the improvement of the condition of the thousands of National Trust homes .

After a number of years campaigning the Trust introduced what is known as the Let Estate Programme.

The plan is to bring all the houses and cottages as nearly as possible to the Government’s Decent Homes Standard. Many of the properties are very old and a proportion are Grade Two Listed which does limit what can be achieved.

The National Trust have confirmed that since 2013 they have spent £31.9 Million with further sums of £27.1 Million and £13.6 Million budgeted by the targeted programme completion date of 2021.

TANT welcomes the progress being made and will encourage the Trust to provide all tenants with warm, dry, energy efficient homes as soon as possible.

We recommend that tenants work with the Trust when improvements are planned. Temporary disruption is likely as with any building work but if you have any concerns about ongoing improvements or the standard of workmanship, please contact your local National Trust estate office. If any issues are not resolved then please contact TANT helpline .